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Introduction: Slurry pumps are designed and engineered for the most rugged and demanding installations. During years, our slurry pumps have exceeded operating expectations, and provide hydraulic fracturing companies unprecedented uptime, reliability, and efficiency. SH-250ST (10-inch) is a very popular model among smaller slurry pump selections. It is a horizontal pump that is used on the surface ... Shijiazhuang Minerals Equipment Co. Ltd
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2019 New Style Auto Spare Parts Stainless Steel Exhaust Muffler Product detail: We can make car muffler for universal usage which can offer aggrasive sound and good performance. Mirror polished on surface can offer good looking. Our muffler is 409stainless steel construction with 100% welded, it's straight through perforated core and stainless steel wool inner wrap with roving fiber. It is often ... SHIJIAZHUANG WOODOO TRADE CO.,LTD
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12'' Laser Welded Saw Blade Combo Blade for Concrete Block Paving Brick Longevity and sharpnessWhen the diamond concentration changes from low to high, the sharpness and cutting efficiency of the saw blade gradually decrease, and the service life is gradually extended. However, if the concentration is too high, the saw blade will become dull.The efficiency is improved by using low concentration... Hebei Xmf Tools Group Co.,Ltd
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3/2C-AHR Open Impeller Corrosion Resistant Rubber Heavy duty Centrifugal Slurry Pumps 1.Introduction: The advantages of 3/2C-AHR(SHR/50C) rubber lined slurry pump: 1. Anti-corrosive rubber liner has features of wide range of performance, high efficiency and high performance cost ratio. 2. Rubber discharge end is light, thus easy to install and maintain. 3. As the name suggests, anti-corrosive ... Shijiazhuang Minerals Equipment Co. Ltd
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Product Detail: flexible exhaust pipe feature: 1.Automobile exhaust system component 2. Installed between engine and muffler 3. Used to decrease engine noise and vibration 4. Absorbs muffler pipe thermal expansion and shock 5. Compensates for exhaust converter misalignment 6. Reduces air pollution 7. Bellows+ Outside braid+ /Inner Braid+Nipples. 8. Outside braid, middle bellows, lined with inner ... SHIJIAZHUANG WOODOO TRADE CO.,LTD
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