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Product Description FX Group, is a professional manufacturer of Fire Proofing Equipment Aluminum Roll up Door (Emergency Rescue Truck), Fire Truck Roll up Door, Roller Shutters, Rolling Shutter Doors, Rolling Doors, Garage Door, Sliding Door, Metal Door, Aluminum Roller Shutter Door, drawers, ladders, LED Level Indicators and so on other parts Advantages of Fire Truck Rolling up Door/Roller ... ANHUI FENGXIN INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD
Breathable And Reusable Transparent Plastic Clear Mouth Shield Splash Proof Custom Cut Plexiglass For Cooking Product Quick Details Long time effective Anti Fog Breathable and Reusable Suitable for chef when he is cooking Product Specifications Item Transparent Plastic Clear Mouth Shield Net weight 7g/piece Color White/Pink/Blue/Black/Transparent Or As Customer's Requirements Logo Accept ... Tianjin Emanuel Plastics Co.,ltd
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Common Rail Injector EPS 205 Test Bench NTS205, Common Rail Injector Tester NTS205 common rail injector tester : NTS205 common rail injector tester: NTS205 Test bench is our latest Independence researched special device to test the performance of high-pressure common rail injector, controlled by industrial computer, Windows operating system. The oil quantity is measured by sensor and displayed on ... MAK-OBD II Auto Mobile Store
TSSOP 8 PIN ZIF ADAPTER FOR EEPROM programming DIP 8 DIL8 SSOP8 MODEL : TSSOP 8 PIN ADAPTER OTS-24-0.65-01 , DIP 8 High quality with longer life time >30000times . well designed contacts make the test easier and stable . model number TSSOP 8 adapter IC SIZE 8.64*5.4 PITCH 0.65 TSSOP8 TO DIP 8 ADAPTER Support 169 mil SOP8 EEPROM chips SJ Electronic Tech co.,ltd
BXZ-2 backpack core drilling rig 1. Brief introductions of BXZ-2 backpack core drilling rig BXZ-2 backpack core drilling rig is a revolutionary portable geological core drilling rig that is made in China. If you want to buy a backpack drilling rig with big horse power, please identify "HuaxiaMaster" backpack drill. This portable rig is specifically for mineral investigation, oil exploration, ... Shandong Master Machinery Group Co.,Ltd.
Glycerin content in biodiesel is one of important index for biodiesel quality evaluation. So cut glycerin content in diesel oil, improve purity of diesel has important practical significance. Ion exchange method to purify glycerol can effectively prevent decreased glycerol content, improve the utilization rate of diesel. Suzhou bo jie Resin technology co., LTD. produce biodiesel purification resin ... Suzhou Bojie Resin Technology Co. Ltd
Optical Coating Use SiO Granule, Evaporation Materials Use SiO 99.9% Shape Size Color Purity Package Granule 1~3mm Black 99.99% 1000g 3~5mm Block 10~25mm Name: silicon evaporation material Material: Silicon Purity: 99.9% (customized) Silicon oxide is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula of SiO. It is black brown to loess colored amorphous powder under normal temperature and pressure. It ... Chongqing Newsin Technology Co., Ltd
Product No:CK210 Product Name:Micro CNC Lathe Features (1).Automatic 4 positions tool post. (2).With sink and nozzles. (3).High performance 2 axis cnc lathe controller,Optional siemens 808D or GSK980TB3 CNC controller.. (4). ARM 9 CPU+FPGA,Ethernet network interface,Support B macro function,PLC function,Mutil-language library function.. (5).Lathe CNC machine tools based entirely on the design and ... Yornew Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
humidifier, aroma diffuser, office, home, gym Ningbo Peacebird Huili International Trade Co., Ltd
Oil level sight glass,Bulls eye Sight Glass,Fluid level Sight Glass,Circular oil sight Glass Oil level indicator sight glass,oil sight gauge,Oil sight windows,Visual level sight glass Visual level indicator,Visual level sight gauge,domed shape sight glass. Material Body: Stainless steel 304,Stainless steel 304L,Stainless Steel 316,Stainless steel 316L O-Ring: Viton,FKM,NBR, Aramid gasket and ... Grand Hardware Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
Introduction of Railroad Accessories Rail Clip Fastening System Track Elastic Rail Clip 1)Railway Fishplate/Joint Bar/ l Available Type: ---North America:115RE,132RE; ---Asia&Africa:UIC54,UIC60; ---South America:TJ45,TJ57; ---British Commonwealth:BS60,BS75; l Raw Material:45#,50#,B7,etc. l Surface:Natural or Paint. 2)Rail Clip/E Clip l Type:E1609,E1809,E1817,E2055,E2056,E2009,E2001,E2006,PR401... Shandong China Coal Group
KBM-F3 Triplex Plunger Road Washing Pump for washer 12-20LPM 60-180BAR with Pressure Switch Specifications Details : Folw : 11.07-20 L/min , 2.92-5.05 gpm Pressure : 60-180 bar , 870-2610 psi Power : 2.2-5.5 kw , 3-7.5 hp Speed : 1450 rpm Applications: car washer misting machine Agriculture & Food Processing Misting, Cooling & Fogging Commercial Contractor Cleaning KBM 1450rpm C Version Dia 28mm ... Dongguan Kodo Tech Co., Ltd
Component Inner armor rods,middle outer outer armor rods, thimble, U-shaped hanging loop, PD hanging board, triangular conjoint board, bolt, nut, etc. Characteristic 1. It has all capabilities and performances that dead-end suspension has. 2. The three-layer outer armor rods improve the mechanical intensity of the clamp, making it realizable to install huge optical cables under the special ... Shijiazhuang Paerpu Import and Export Trading Co.,Ltd.
Drip Screens for your Ash Hopper We’ve been manufacturing flexible Drip Screens for over 20 years to coal fired power plants. Our metal mesh drip screens are in coal fired power plants and coal fired, coal burning power plants and generating stations worldwide. They filter ash in both the expansion joint areas and at the boiler seal trough and provide water seal trough protection. Our Drip Screens ... IDECO INDUSTRIAL CO., LIMITED
Investment Casting Investment casting also called as Lost wax casting, is the best way to produce a metal part tby taking accurate, performance, and cost. Investment casting produces precise components while minimizing the material waste, energy and subsequent machining work. It also ensures the production of very intricate parts. Which makes the investment casting process quite suitable for ... Dalian Yemi Technology Co.,Ltd
Hard Anodizing Plating 280 KW 80 Ton Industry Water Cooled Biodiesel Chiller Automobile and Mechanical Engineering – machine tool, induction hardening and heating, welding machines, rolling mills, presses, cutting, profiling, polishing, electric discharge machine, hydraulic oil cooling, heat treatment, component washing, component cooling, environmental test chambers, drive cooling, plasma spray, ... Jinan Mgreenbelt Machinery Co., Ltd
We use Loyal full automatic edible oil filtration equipment to filter it on-line. When frying, the impurities that fall from the product are treated immediately. So that the impurities will not be carbonized in the oil and will not harm the oil. Fried Food Edible Oil Filtration Equipment The cooking oil is protected, then: 1. The blackening speed of edible oil will be delayed a lot; 2. The acid ... Pasta Drinking Straws Extruder Manufacture
Main characteristics The production line consists of an automatic feeder and (one or more) packaging machines. It can be used separately or directly with processing line. Seamless butt, complete material transfer, diversion, cooking, feeding and packaging. Completely change manual feed mode, cooking speed is accurate. This line can be equipped with different types of packaging machines. Applicatio... Beijing Ruida Technology Co., Ltd.
EN 15751 Biodiesel Oxidation Stability Tester Introduction: ● Test standard:EN 14112 & EN 15751 ●Temperature controlling:PID digital controller,temperature is controlled separately. ● Gas source:special membrane pump 10L/H ● Temperature controlling method:electrical heating rod ● Working temperature:ambient~150±0.1℃ ● Test time:about 14 hours ● Power supply:AC220V±10% 50HZ ● Test unit:2 tubes ... Advanced Instruments Co.,Limited
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Application: used cooking oil, dirty vegetable oil, coco oil, trench oil, swill oil,fried oil etc. Function: removes out solid contaminants, water, gases, odor, acid, alcohol etc. from oils. The treated oil is clean, limpidity, and with good smell. COP is a good purification machine for fried food factory, oil restaurant, cooking oil factory, vegetable oil factory, and waste oil collecting store. ... Chongqing HOPU Filtration Plant Manufacture Co.,ltd
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