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Manual Controllable Air Flow Of Dust Removal Pipe Joints. Duct Applications 1 Our products are used in the dust removal piping system, which can effectively transmit industrial dust and waste gas, and also apply to the mill of flour mill to collect the waste generated from production, so as to prevent pollution. 2 The products are also used in ventilation systems and transportation systems. If you ... SHIJIAZHUANG WOODOO TRADE CO.,LTD
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Molecular Sieves 3A-IG Grade A Molecular Sieve 3A-IG can deeply co-adsorb the resident moisture and organics in insulating glass, keep the insulating glass clear and transparent even at very low temperature. More important, it can successfully avoid the tremendous air pressure unbalanced placed on the glasses, which was superposed by seasons of day-night temperature changing and the ensuing air ... SHANGHAI DESIKENSHI MOLECULAR SIEVE CO.,LTD
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