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Reno Mattress Slopes River Beds / Reno&River gabion Mattress Product Description: Gabion mattress, also called Reno mattress or River mattress, is made of steel hexagonal wire mesh. Gabion mattress are filled with rocks at the construction site, The compartment or cells of the reno mattress are of same dimension and are formed by internal diaphragms , to form flexible, permeable, monolithic ... Hebei Nova Metal Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd.
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The high-strength aluminum alloy profile is used to form the overall frame; the outer panel, bottom plate, and inner and outer door panels of the box are all made of carbon fiber composite material. A series of excellent properties such as resistance to acid, alkali and salt corrosion, small thermal expansion coefficient, high specific strength, high specific modulus, stable size, light weight, ... Chengdu Guoguang Elecric Co.,Ltd
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